May 23, 2013

Lustrous Locks

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. And probably drunk. 

[Hair model: Erika]


Combover? What?

I feel that this hare really accentuates my forehead.

[Hair model: Gibs]


Curly Q

Who does this look like? And don't say Bradco. I'm all out of witty captions, so SEND ME YOURS! Email 

[Hair model: Jackie]

Hare up there. Beard down here

Hare is back! And it's ALMOST as glorious as Dave's beard. 

[Hair model: Gibs]

Apr 30, 2012

Kenny G

Now THIS is what I call smooth. Hand me a soprano sax and call me Kenny. (I hate Kenny G, btw)

[Hair model: Alex]

- Bradco

Apr 25, 2012

Dread It

Wanna know what you'd look like with dreadlocks? Find someone with some hare up there! Thanks to Marianne for this pic. Keep em coming! Email your photos to

- Bradco

Apr 7, 2012

I'll be back

First post in a while, and it's finally not of me! Here's Alex sporting some lustrous locks in what seems to be a Terminator expression. Thanks for the photo, Alex. To you other folks, send me more photos and I'll post it here!

- Bradco